An Ambitious Girl, in a maze of dating

Have you ever been taught to talk pleasing, act attractive and behave presentably? All those customary teachings that a damsel is raised up with and possibly store in her Pandora box to open as needed.

Fantasizing on fairy-tale-like-world stories, dreaming of an amiable man, having a perfect ball dance and keen on spending years alluring him. Growing up into a bold and brash woman to draw men attention.

In the world of being intrepid. There are a few girls distinct. Discrete to common norms, confounding and often reserved around men. Creating a world of her aspirations and setting up goals. Her aims for self are high and so are her efforts to achieve those.

Not making a sense of enticement, in her fairy-tale-like-world, she wishes for a one to nurture with, enriching weakness and accepting differences. She may not qualify a charm of an enchantress but sheens on virtues of being wholesome and ingenious.

She is unique, aspiring, someone ambitious.

As the social interactions grow so does the attraction between people. If the energies work well on both sides. It is worth comprehending, on how an ambitious girl distinguishes from a troop to be sound out and touch on.

For men to know her exclusivity of grace and kindliness chic.

A complacent character. She does not seek for a relationship to run the finances but intends in being an equal sharer of laughter and sorrows. Graciously admiring the partnership, she feels immense pleasure to invite him for a lunch, grab a coffee or buy him a drink.

Her intention is not to overwhelm a man with the ‘woman power’ but a way of showing her fondness and care.


Not an I-sneak-you-sneak-me kind. Owning her privacy, she respects her partner’s space by cultivating the freedom of being dependable and faithful. In return, she expects him to be reliable and loyal.

Honoring the relationship from both sides is a way of keeping the light of love glowing.


Not a waster of time neither for him or herself. She never rushes on matters or plays hard. Though focuses importantly on where she stands and about the time to move on.

If you are interested in her, do something about it before it is late.


Never judges him on past failures but on future aspirations. Embracing his path of challenges, she encourages to advance him beyond average.

Being a cheerleader.


The traits of pretending are not her intentions. Clear and precise in the point of views she is honest about her tastes and aversions.

In disagreements, she never holds bitterness or grudges. But acknowledges diversity and works in synergy.


Courageous and vivid to show off every color of the rainbow of her love and warmth. Passionate about giving the best, she showers him with roses, holds his hand rejoicing, kisses him among the crowd. There is no veil of shyness, but only affection and expression.

Her tenderness is amusing and her love can get contagious.


She may get intoxicated if he surprises her with a dinner or date. A random text during the day or a hangout plan. But the real meaning of romance for her is partner’s support, guidance and best intentions as she travels the path of her ambitions.

She truly recognizes the value of his love and is compassionate in return.


In a continuous zest, she is sometimes occupied to turn off her brains and disoriented in conversations. No offense if asking for a date she responds with her week’s schedule. Be a cheerleader, remind her to unwind and discover her gorgeousness to its best. 

Hold on to her, she is a passionate lover, one of a kind with an ability to fill in your unadorned life with adoration, your undisciplined being into an orientation. ~ Sonia