Caress the Clouds

Do you have a basket plentiful of frights as mine? 

Will you laden your shoulders by carrying it or lighten while travelling along the way? 

A memory of a thriller watched as an adolescent call to my mind. Where vengeance made a guy thrust a girl from the rooftop of a building. I wondered how many bones were broken if she were alive but in that movie she had died. 

The dread of heights. One of the horrors that have haunted me for years. 

This must sound relatable to most of you. A phobia holding within, for decades, for one reason or another. 

As noteworthy is to be cognizant of our paranoias, worthwhile is our labour to conquer those. With an impulse of a victor and whenever an opportunity strikes in knocking at the door of my guts. I am decisive to be aware and pour down things I am apprehensive about. Crossing out the matters and finding the list of frights getting thinner leaves me in amazement of relish and expression. Whether it is an attempt to climb up 20 floors to gaze down the terrace or jumping down a cliff, hanging up on a canopy. I will take that jump and triumph over. That is what I did, placing aside the terror of heights, decided to experience paragliding. 


Watching those canopies up in the firmament, flying as doves, were admirable. 

Pondering, musing and wondering in awe. That is scary or perhaps worth attempting. 


How far are those roving billows up from the earth, I gazed up witnessing.

One, two and three, there is no bounds to ecstasies.


The next morning, standing at the top of the hill, thousands of meters above the sea. 

I was all harnessed, ready for the leap.    


As I jumped, growing taller, embracing the breadth.  

Head to toe, flying up in the sapphire hymn of air. 


Mesmerizing the grandeur of wings. 

Mist on my right and on the left, gliding in the rings. 


Higher than the mountains, I winged.

Four, five and six, my count to cloud nine began.


The gratifying air when tapped me, gently in a caress. 

Patting my cheeks, all in tenderness. 


Stirring me in mesmeric, stroking the cords of my discorded strings. 

The serenity of the outlook filled me in an emotive gist.  


The enormous surroundings and the vast horizons,

Those picturesque meadows and the splendid water to see.


I was lost in the fascination of the panorama, only riveting the scenic.

It was comforting to the blissful eyes and to a fearful soul. 


The course of the new ambit freed the manacles of the qualms.   

All those fears disappeared in the vapours of blues. 


All those blissful moments, graciously enduring. 

When I was exploring, discovering and comprehending frees.


I was idyllic, caressing the clouds.


So, if the ode to greeting fears inspires you than muster up the courage as today is your day to touch the clouds.  


P.S. The photo is of myself and of my mother. We did paragliding together and she jumped ahead of me. I followed her gusto and passion.

~ Sonia