A Garden of Roses

I woke up in the fragrance every morning,

feel of blessedness.


You prepared a garden,

dipped in loving tenderness. 


Not a shelf was empty on the wall,

Vases decorated with the bunch of roses.


The blossoms surrounds,

a breeze of the essence.

A soothe to see.


My heart sang melodies to your songs,

lyrics of mirth.

In a garden of roses.


One afternoon,

holding a bouquet,  

you whispered.

Lips speaking verses,

nuances for each.  


Yellow oaths the friendship,

Its woven petals narrate the warmth of our camaraderie.


White signifies the purity of intentions,

It beautifies prospers of entrusting.


Orange cues my desires,

A longing to togetherness.

With a smirk in the eyes, you said. 

Adorning my hair in elegance.


As the sparkle further spreads the field of bless. 

Holding a corsage of red roses, you expressed.


Red is an assurance to my veritable love.

A word to the trust.

Every flower is entwined together,

to cherish ‘us’.


Your words,

an orchid, sprouting new buds.

My heart is enriched in colors.

Embellished with the ornaments of love.


A beautiful garden of roses,

dipped in your loving tenderness.


~ Sonia