Morning Detoxifying Drink

A detoxifying blend of honey, lemon and ginger water is not only rejuvenating but also flavorsome. 

Its health benefits are weight loss; reduce cholesterol, reliefs’ indigestion, aids to clear skin and shiny hair a few to mention. 


How to make your Morning Detoxifying Drink: 

  • Take half a glass of water (room temperature) and add about one teaspoon of honey.   
  • Squeeze half a portion of lemon in the water (or add lemon to taste).
  • Now add warm water and finally shred ginger over the top. 
  • Let it all simmer in the water for 10 minutes before having a delightful sip. 


Healthful Tips: 

  • Always add honey in room temperature water. Mixing it in hot or boiled water may release toxins harmful for health. 


A home recipe with a hint of much love and care ~ Sonia