I am Sonia Fazal. I am a RYT 200 hour certified (Astanga and Vinyasa) yoga teacher, a dependable friend, a sharer, a lover of life and people in it. I love being under the moonlight, spend hours reading, thinking and contemplating. I enjoy rains, help people, make them smile and laugh with them too. I know I am not a perfect human being; I do mistakes, correct them, laugh it off and move on. I find light in plain and in colors.

If I am not doing yoga. You will find me in a library between books fascinated by the lovely reads or dancing with my nieces being the best auntie.

My Definition of Yoga

Love and joy. For me yoga is an alignment of the body, mind and soul. Yoga is nurturing and bringing balance into life. Yoga is grace and openness. I am here to help my students find this awareness of their own being and of surroundings, so they can experience the freedom and joy of bringing that awareness and balance through life. Practicing yoga holds a special place in my life. My practice has made me grow stronger, energetic and fearless both on and off the mat. I find myself compassionate and rationale towards seeing or believing things. Yoga has inspired me to love life, live every moment mindfully and to its fullest.

"Love beyond the limits as you would reach the seventh cloud; find the peace as if the touch of love has brought the sky into serenity after a storm, practice yoga to find the tranquility so your soul can be at the inner peace always connecting back to the former two". Sonia

Being a backstage organizer, I have always thought yoga would be gentle and easy. After my first vinyasa class, I found out that it was actually challenging. Yoga involves asana (physical postures) that resembles to physical exercise. This totally relates to something a friend told me once, “Yoga is a sport as it involves physical activity” and truth is that it does.
The effects of yoga on human body, mind and soul has proven to be equal or superior to the normal exercise as yoga involves pranayama i.e. regular breathing as well as mindful meditation.